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Default Re: help construction socratic dialogue

One of the situations that can be very difficult is when the parents don't have the time and energy to do what is needed. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the parents don't have the time and energy, clear consequences that are consistently enforced usually are necessary.

Sometimes one can take a hard look at the practicalities of the situation to see if the parents' load can be temporarily lightened in some way or if someone can help out for a bit. Perhaps cutting back on work hours a bit, or getting Grandma to help out, or cutting back on cooking and laundry, or all of the above.

Sometimes parents are putting time and energy into optional activities and need to let someone else run the PTA, etc.

Sometimes the parents need to make hard choices. If having both parents work full time means that they don't have time and energy for the kids, they can either put up with the consequences or they can cut back on work hours, accept a lower income, and make adjustments in their lifestyle.

Being an effective parent isn't easy.
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