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Default Re: help construction socratic dialogue

Thank you both so so much for taking the time to respond. I've been learning so much from this forum - but asking my own questions and getting responses is by far the most enlightening.
the truth is that, being the loyal trainee of Dr. Pretzer that I am, I actually DID try the behavioral approach - i was basing my approach on Kazdin's PMT treatment manual, which I've had a great deal of success with. in this case, for a number of reasons, progress has been slow and the parents are pretty burned out. follow through was very hard for them, father not around, mother overwhelmed etc. I am going to try to take a step back; try to regroup, think more systemically as Rod suggests, being working on some different angles, such as increased communication, negotiation and compromising skills, problem solving, etc. and most likely bring in a colleage to prevent myself from getting burned out. sometimes it "goes" and sometimes it doesn't i guess.
thanks again so much!
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