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Default Re: help construction socratic dialogue

So one aspect of this seems to be that the boy has constructed a wall. He must have had a reason for constructing the wall. Whatever that reason was is "it" for him. His behaviour is not his problem: his behaviour is his solution.

Another aspect is that being a child he might not necessarily have the power to implement a different solution, even if you were ever able to develop one with him. So you are probably not in a position to make any promises to him at this stage.

And another is the feeling I get from, "I'm convinced that, for the most part, the other members of the family are correct," that he is the black sheep of the family and you are with them. That feels to me like good reason to keep a wall well-maintained.

I feel like I want someone to be on his side of the split in the family, so that that person can eventually be on his side of the wall, seeing it from his point of view. That person could be you or another family member.

I think if you and I were talking about this face-to-face, I would now want to know a lot more about what you think of the other family members, looking for clues in their individual histories, brainstorming to create a spectrum of hypotheses, and also testing assumptions that you might share with family members.

I'm not sure that this forum is a good place to do that kind of work.
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