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Default help construction socratic dialogue

Hi there I was wondering if I could ask for some help and input. I am struggling with constructing a socratic dialogue ("guided discovery") for a twelve year old. this client is a "terror" at home and, according to parents is constantly provoking, annoying, bullying, and fighting with his siblings. he is adhd and presents with an egocentric and somewhat immature attitude (very into immediate gratification, everything is now now now and what can I get and what's in it for me etc...)
everyone else in his life (I've interviewed parents and siblings) say that he "starts it" or significanty overreacts to minor provocation, but in his view - someone else almost always "starts it" and his actions are totally justifiable. I am looking for an approach to chip away at the rationalization and defensiveness to help him see and acknowlege the perspectives of others. anyone? :-) thanks so so much!
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