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Default Re: Preventing Mental Disorders

The trick would be promoting prevention programs in schools. I believe REE has been doing that for some time. I don't know how successful they have been. But for sure it sounds like (1) a technically wise way to go, because prevention should start early as the roots of psychopathology start early, and (2) an economically wise way to go for both the clients and the professionals: many clients (a classrooom-full per session) per each professional (or 2- or 3- person team).

Of course, I beseech you not be too successful lest the rest of us be out of our jobs. Now seriously, I believe this is the right way to go. The more prevention is done the less demand for individual therapy. We'll be busy anyway doing the prevention (and earning from it without wrenching people's wallets) so we won't need to charge that much. Everybody wins.
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