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Default Re: Writing and Preparing Inductions

Since you liked the Aikido reference you might appreciate this answer:
A new student comes to Aikido and asks, "Sensei, how long will it take to become an expert in Aikido?" The Sensei says, "Perhaps, if you come a few times a week, it will take 10 years." The student modifies the question, "But Sensei, what if I come to the dojo ~every~ day"? And the Senei replies: "Then it will take you at least 20 years!"

The problem I found in playing guitar and in Aikido was that to make it my own, I had to listen to my own sounds and feel the movement of my own dynamic center, respectively. As I did that, I wrote songs others (and I) loved and felt in an effortless groove, respectively.

Perhaps where you go from there is to stop learning from others for awhile...and listen, see, and feel your own wacky ideas. They might not be so wacky in the end.
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