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I'm a psychologist trained in EMDR Levels 1 and 2. I also have a hx of PTSD. I was in a MVA yesterday, in the early afternoon. My car was "totalled" and I am blessed to have walked away physically unharmed with the exception of bruising. However, I have had no emotion what so ever, since the moment I realized the collision was happening. No fear, sadness, anxiety,....nothing. I can talk about it without emotion. Since the reality is that I came very close to being seriously injured or killed..this reaction, or lack of concerns me. My concentration is really off today and I've made a lot of paperwork errors but I don't feel anxious or stressed...but a strange calm. I can "see" the moment of impact and hear someone yelling...but still don't have any emotional response. I'd appreciate some feedback and suggestions.....does this just sound like shock. Thanks....Lynne J.
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