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Default Writing and Preparing Inductions

Greetings. In his recorded lecture in January, 1957, Dr. Erickson discussed the importance of devising and writing a thorough induction and method for delivering suggestions. He related that he had previously prepared "30 pages, single-spaced, typed... then 25, and 20... so that I could use all 30 pages if necessary, or just one page." I am unclear, without a patient in front of him, what he was writing/preparing. Was he "preparing to respond" to everything a patient could do?

Was he preparing 15 different ways to provide the same message? For example, "You can get sleepier... Patients who benefit from hypnosis the most get very sleepy... You are getting sleepier... I wonder when you will know that you are getting sleepier."

Did he memorize these "scripts" and then "customize" them for every patient and problem?

Most importantly, how did he, and how do you, train others to do this?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Jim Stephens
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