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Default New Developments in Cognitive Therapy (posted for Neil)

Im a final year med student at the university of Budapest. I chose to write my final paper on CBT because of personal interest and a history of mental problems my self.

After reading some introductory books , reading some journals , and " contemporary cognitive therapy " 2004 edited by leahy, I tried joining youre online forum at behaviour .net. But I cant seem to post so I thought i'd try to contact you directly.

I was hoping to ask the forum what they thought are the most exciting new develpments in CBT. The title I was given is " New Developmets in CBT". Its hard for someone with little experience to choose from the endless information and trials going on what might be the at the cutting edge. I've read a bit about application to biploar pyschotic and personality dissorders , mindfullness , and DBT but somehow feel I'm missing something. Just a few headings or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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