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Default Re: Ann Coulter & Wm. Provine: Evolution's Odd Couple

[Todd to MM]:I don't see any reason why we can't continue to better understand the foundation of the mind and brain and biological needs and apply that knowledge to better decision making in all areas. What is the point of your own theory, if not to accomplish something like that? Is your whole point in proposing the theory to try to prove that we shouldn't try to understand the brain better because there is a hard line of mystery somewhere?
Yeah Todd, I’d say that you’re probably right that we’ll continue to “better understand” things. But regarding the “point” of MM’s theory—I’d say there really is no point other than the upshot that MM, unwittingly, is acknowledging that she herself can only believe whatever she believes b/c, as she indicates in her so-called “axiom,” one can believe only whatever makes one “feel good,” and that one then “uses [their] brains to justify it.” And since she seems unable to grasp the catch-22 implications of her circular notion, then I’d say her “axiom” is probably more or less true for MM herself. Weird.
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