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Default Re: Ann Coulter & Wm. Provine: Evolution's Odd Couple

[JimB said:] We evolutionists need a good predator to keep us lean, smart, and awake.
I think perhaps you’re being a tad dramatic here, JimB. I’d suggest that self imposed intellectual rigor and honesty (which you yourself certainly seem to possess) might be quite sufficient, perhaps with a bit of humility and an appreciation for physics, cosmology, and the absurdly low entropy at the beginning of our universe, 14 billion years ago.

I mean when someone as credentialed as Provine acknowledges that he longer sees natural selection as a mechanism, or an active cause of evolution, and then you have the Darwinian atheist high priest, Dawkins, proclaiming the following, well, I’d say that Darwinism has a problem:
Evolution by natural selection is a process that works up from simple beginnings, and simple beginnings are easy to explain. The engineer or any other living thing is difficult to explain -- but it is explicable by evolution by natural selection. So the relevance of evolutionary biology to atheism is that evolutionary biology gives us the only known mechanism whereby the illusion of design, or apparent design, could ever come into the universe anywhere. [ , Salon article/interview, April 30, 2005]
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