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Default Re: Implications of Somatic Behavior Choice

Carey: Todd articulated this point in his post within the circularity thread, but you didn't address it, instead only embracing the part in which he agreed with the over-generalized, "survival of the fittest" conception of selection is circular.
Well Carey, having reread Todd’s post several times, I’m not seeing this point being clearly “articulated.” Perhaps you’re referring the paragraph in Todd’s post where he mentioned the, “bizarre notion that centrifugal force is an illusion,” “intuitions,” and where he quoted the Bush view regarding if “scientific reasoning were limited to the logical processes of arithmetic.”

But as I noted in my subsequent post in that thread, there is actually an “Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Science,” (and of course w/o mathematics real science would be impossible); and frankly I’m a bit nonplussed by Todd’s centrifugal force is an illusion/intuitions example. Be that as it may, I guess we’re at an impasse, and I suppose we’ve beat this thing to death, so I’ll not disagree that Todd “articulated the point”—perhaps his thumbs-up was just one of his typical nice guy “can’t we all just get along” gambits.

Anyhoo, changing course, regarding TomJ’s “repression module” hypothesis and the article that he thinks proves it (“Freud Returns,” by Mark Solms), as discussed in the Gore’s Inconvenient Truth thread, here—, and assuming you have a bit of time to kill, I think Tom might benefit from your POV, and of course I’d be interested too.
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