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Default Re: Implications of Somatic Behavior Choice

I did not dismiss your point . . . on the contrary, I acknowledged that your perception of natural selection at the most general level possible - namely, as "survival of the fittest" - is indeed circular. I then moved on to point out that your emphasis on this general interpretation is not appropriate, considering that it is the details of ecological interaction that determine reproductive success for each individual species.

So - the phrase "survival of the fittest", where the fittest are those which survive, is obviously circular, but as soon as one considers the natural history of any given example of evolution, it's quickly apparent that there is nothing circular about the process of natural selection in the real world. Todd articulated this point in his post within the circularity thread, but you didn't address it, instead only embracing the part in which he agreed with the over-generalized, "survival of the fittest" conception of selection is circular.
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