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Default Re: Implications of Somatic Behavior Choice

Originally Posted by Fred H.
Well MM, that is clearly what you yourself believe—that the only reason our military is there is, as you allege, for “killing Iraqi civilians,” and to “seek revenge for Iraq’s role in 9/11”—and you somehow have managed to project that belief unto American soldiers.
Yikes, it looks like I'll have to agree with Fred on this one.

It's much better to use apparently simple examples like the lion mauling than such complex examples like war to make points (unless they're intentionally political). There were several reasons for starting the war, all of which should allow our soldiers to be extremely proud of what they accomplished. The 9/11 tie-in was just the one that would take advantage of the current emotions to sway fence-sitters. And Saddam DID send $40K to the families of suicide bombers so it wasn't completely without basis (even IF he didn't also support the actual 9/11 guys).
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