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Default Re: Implications of Somatic Behavior Choice

[MM (June 4)]: For a vivid example [of your “Somatic Behavior Choice hypothesis”], it seems that some American GI's in Iraq don't have too much problem with killing Iraqi civilians - because they hold the very strong identity belief that they are there to seek revenge for Iraq's role in 9/11.
Well MM, that is clearly what you yourself believe—that the only reason our military is there is, as you allege, for “killing Iraqi civilians,” and to “seek revenge for Iraq’s role in 9/11”—and you somehow have managed to project that belief unto American soldiers.

MM: An article in today’s Guardian bears this out: Article The first paragraph: Quote: “American veterans of the war in Iraq have described a culture of casual violence, revenge and prejudice against Iraqi civilians that has made the killing of innocent bystanders a common occurrence.”
Your article begins with this allegation: In the wake of the Haditha massacre come further allegations of outlaw killings in Iraq.” It then claims that, “‘Some’ American veterans have expressed little surprise at the latest [alleged] ‘revelations.’” Also as noted in your article, the primary source being quoted is “Camilo Mejia, a US infantry veteran who served briefly in the Haditha area in 2003,” and “who has served time in jail for refusing to return to Iraq for a second tour of duty.”

Your article is speculation by authors that are obviously biased against American soldiers/involvement in Iraq—the article lacks any substantial objectivity/credibility, and yet you cite it as a "vivid example" of your so-called “Somatic Behavior Choice hypothesis.”

However, ironically, in one sense perhaps your “example” is a "vivid example," but only of your own “emotions” and “personal belief system” (and your disregard for objectivity and/or truth) hijacking any “reason” that you may possess.

Regarding the so-called “Haditha massacre,” I’ll not be surprised if it is ultimately determined that it's something similar to the now infamous Dan Rather forged memo-gate—but I feel bad for our guys putting their lives on the line and then having to put-up with the histrionics and allegation coming from various Left leaning Americans, and various Iraqis, all of whom obviously have other agendas, and little respect for truth/reality. (Plus the fact that our current military, having to deal with an immensely difficult and dangerous situation, and having to deal with an enemy that is unimaginably brutal, is probably one of the most responsible/restrained/professional in human history.)
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