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Default Re: Implications of Somatic Behavior Choice

MM: PS [to Carey] - I'm still looking forward to your restatement of your premise on equality and discrimination.
Interpretation of Margaret’s disingenuous request:
Oh boy, I just can’t wait for Carey’s restatement on equality and discrimination, so that I can then reveal the veiled racism of all white males, like him and JimB, deceitful enough to not overtly justify discrimination based on IQ differences, but instead they justify it in more politically acceptable ways, like by the scientific discussion of racial IQ differences and any other racial differences, and then justify their despicable discrimination using loftier means, like freedom of association and freedom of thought….
Well Carey, if you play her game, you lose. Anyway, you’ve already more or less provided your “restatement”—perhaps MM missed it, so I’ll cut-n-paste it for her: Carey noted:
[Everyone being created equal is perhaps a useful illusion, but apparently not reality] Yes, this is essentially my point . . . the government and social collective are responsible for granting "unalienable rights". This hasn't yet been reached in practice, and probably never will, but the goal itself has nothing to do with biological differences and should not be affected by them. It's meant to be an agreement that everyone receives the same rights and privileges despite the fact that we are born with different native abilities.
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