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Default Re: What exactly is Christian Counseling

I mostly agree with what you are saying. However, you might not be judgmental but you also might not ask how a client's decision meshes with their religious beliefs. Even if you did ask, they might not know and might be looking to the counselor to help them with this part of the equation. I doubt a secular therapist would take the time to read the Bible so they could help the client with their decision. The Christian counselor can point the person to the relevant Bible passages etc. I beleive that you will find that most Christian counselors that are trained use CBT or Psychodynamic or some other typical theory. You might think of it as a specialty within the therapeutic community similar to a person who works with transgendered individuals or the gay community. Of course, someone who works with a gay individual might use the same CBT framework that you use. However, having worked within this community for a while, they might also be able to discuss nuanced information with the client that you or I are not aware of. To start you on your journey, I would suggest that you look at an article on the subject in the Psychotherapy Networker. I beleive it was about 3-5 years ago. It provided an in-depth discussion about the differences. It was quite informative. I doubt you will find statistical infomration on the subject any more than you would find statistical studies on whether counseling helps gay individuals. The real focus should be on the diagnosis and whether or not the therapist treats that effectively.


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