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Default Re: "Boot Camps," Wilderness Programs, Ropes, etc.

No program that I know of exists like this, but I have long wished we could have in the school system Environmental Education, structured similarly to how we have Drug Education. I think attitude training is essential for everyone, not just those with mental health issues. I would envision a progressive set of requirements ranging from basic knowledge of different trees and habitats, and basics about recycling and environmentally friendly behaviors, to more indepth skills including wilderness survival, lo impact wilderness travel and societal responsibility for taking care of our planet. I think it's in learning how to show respect to other living creatures that we learn to respect ourselves and each other.

Ever wonder where all our garbage goes? Just look carefully the next time Good Morning America or some other newscast features something on the poor in Mexico City or somewhere in India where they make a living picking through piles of garbage. Not all that trash comes from local sources.
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