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Default Unconscious definition


First of all, sorry for my english. I suppose I am a good exemple that french people don't speak english very well :-(

I have a question regarding practice of auto hypnosis. I sometimes do trance to myself, asking my unconscious to perform some jobs. For instance, the other day, I had a meeting which was stressing me out, and I get into trance and asked my unconscious "can you make me feel more confortable about that", and it worked.

But there are other subjects on which I ask him to perform a task, and it goes all wrong. I got the feeling of trying to bang my head in a glass wall, lots of internal dialog, and a feeling of "I can't do that, it will never work" (something like discouragement).

My question is, how do you differentiate if your unconscious cannot perform a task because he doesn't want to, he doesn't know, or he can not. I tried asking him the option, but generally, it's really hard to get an answer at this point.

This leads me to a second question, which is i sometimes have the feeling that sometimes, I have two unconscious (writing that makes me feel i am totally crazy...). one which kinda try to do the job whatever it is, even when not reasonnable, and the other one which is looking from behind, sometimes intervening, sometimes not, but with a stronger wisdom of what is reasonable or not.

I was wondering if you have already seen that distinction in your personal experiences or clients practice.

Thanks for your help,
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