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Wink Feminism...Eye Candy

RUSH: I'm probably going to get into a lot of trouble here, but there's a story. Six women have sued a German bank because they've been hired for "eye candy." They were hired as eye candy, which means they were hired for their looks. Maybe that's the stumbling block. Maybe... I have to think women know that term. So they got hired for their looks, and this offended them and so they filed these discrimination suits, $1.4 billion discrimination suit. All I know is... I know (sigh) I mean, I know some women who would love to be flattered, to be complimented to be hired as eye candy. So I ask the question: "How many of you women in the audience, in the deepest, dark secrets of your dreams and desires, would be flattered to be hired as eye candy?" I'm not talking about harassment. I don't know how many of you want to be sexually harassed. That's not what I was asking. But (sigh). I mean, if somebody wants to hire you to look good for whoever is the first to walk in the door every day, why not, if that's your asset?

"Well, that offends me. I would not. It's irrelevant the way I look."

Oh, really? Why do you spend so much time on it then?

"Well, it's not..."

It's the way the world is. Stuff matters, but (sigh). I just happen to think there are probably a lot of women out there that wouldn't be offended by it. I'm not talking about being chased around the desk but probably some women won't be bothered by that, either. Suzanne in Green Bay, you're next on the EIB Network. Welcome to the program.

EYE CANDY: Hi, Rush!


EYE CANDY: I'm not offended by your comment at all.

RUSH: Good! Good! A women of the nineties.

EYE CANDY: Yes. I've been doing appropriations for ten years, and it's a great part-time position.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. You have been doing promotions?

EYE CANDY: Yes, for companies that are promoting either liquor or MasterCard or Visas, hair products.

RUSH: Oh, you arrange promotional ideas for these people?

EYE CANDY: No, I actually work with the, um, customers so I go out into bars and I let people sample the products.

RUSH: You let people sample the product. So you are the eye candy?

EYE CANDY: I am the eye candy.

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