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Default Re: free will, determinism, and morality

[Fred stated:] . . . it seems that MM is incapable of comprehending, accepting, or acknowledging the simple reality that in fact many humans can and do, indeed, use their cognitive consciousness to discern objective mathematical truth, and then use that objective truth to understand, explain, and, to some extent manage, their physical world and themselves.

[And MM responded:] I have never disagreed with that. In fact, my hypothesis offers a plausible mechanism for how and why that happens in our minds….
Then that settles it, we agree on the essential point here!

Except that there’s no reason to seriously consider that MM’s “hypothesis” might be “plausible” since she readily acknowledges here that she’s incapable of comprehending, accepting, or acknowledging reality or truth—at best her so-called hypothesis is nothing more than a result of whatever happens to make MM herself “feel good,” and, as she explains in her so-called “axiom,” that she “used her brains to justify.”

And all the while MM remains stuck in the circularity of her beliefs.
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