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Default Re: free will, determinism, and morality

Originally Posted by Margaret McGhee
Darn Fred, I was staring to think you had turned a corner and had decided to actually engage in a purposeful discussion on a topic.
That was a noble attempt, Margaret, but I see your points and also see how Fred has twisted them beyond recognition. I also warned you of Fred's history and fully expected all of this.

But Fred does try to defend a POV that is rather common and in that way he is very important to this forum. He does it so terribly only because he has no real ammunition since his philosophy is not grounded in facts. He instead is relegated to lobbing total confusion, but maybe that is really the state of his mind. Of course, he's locked in the brain of Fred and it's not really his fault.

I believe that some of your points do give him pause, though, otherwise he wouldn't stoop to the insults.

Keep up the great work!
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