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Default Re: free will, determinism, and morality

Darn Fred, I was staring to think you had turned a corner and had decided to actually engage in a purposeful discussion on a topic. I can see now that you only go along as long as your beliefs are not challenged too effectively - as happened in my last post. Then it's back to inane insults and personal attacks - your usual fare. That's too bad because I'd much rather hear some decent arguments from you than have your posts only be useful as examples of my hypothesis.

You say, . . it seems that MM is incapable of comprehending, accepting, or acknowledging the simple reality that in fact many humans can and do, indeed, use their cognitive consciousness to discern objective mathematical truth, and then use that objective truth to understand, explain, and, to some extent manage, their physical world and themselves.
I have never disagreed with that. In fact, my hypothesis offers a plausible mechanism for how and why that happens in our minds - and it shows why we can be both very good at it at times as when we use our intellect to courageously edit our beliefs - and sometimes terribly inept as when the emotions of our strong identity beliefs dominate our behavior decision process, leaving us helpless to the irrationality of those beliefs.

I'll leave it to you to figure out which one of those your last post illustrates.


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