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Default Re: free will, determinism, and morality

MM: I have not reacted emotionally to any criticism of my hypothesis…. The real problem (if there is one) is that no-one including you have offered any plausible . . . reality or truth that contradicts that outcome.
I find MM’s dissonance here noteworthy—MM “feels compelled by her emotions” to believe, incongruously, that she has “not reacted emotionally”—for as she has previously insisted and declared, she believes whatever it is she believes b/c that is what makes MM herself “feel good,” and, as she explains in her so-called “axiom,” MM “uses her brains to justify it”; and also, as MM has recently amplified, “what makes us different are the things that make us feel good,” thereby making it virtually impossible for MM herself to ever see any reality or truth that contradicts whatever she happens to believe, whatever happens to make her feel good.

MM is stuck in the circularity of her beliefs, and there appears to be no way out for her—it seems that MM is incapable of comprehending, accepting, or acknowledging the simple reality that in fact many humans can and do, indeed, use their cognitive consciousness to discern objective mathematical truth, and then use that objective truth to understand, explain, and, to some extent manage, their physical world and themselves. I suspect that, among other things, the emotional turmoil resulting from gender identity issues has probably contributed considerably to MM’s dissonance . . . and I suppose MM will likely overreact to my even mentioning that factor.

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