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Default Re: free will, determinism, and morality

Replying to my own post, in that post I said,
I just don't understand why this view of behavior decision choice is so unsavory for you - unless perhaps it violates your view of free-will - and that violation generates strong negative emotions in you when you consider it.
I would add that I suspect that what you describe as free-will (as best I can understand it) is some kind of intelligence or awareness that is exclusive to humans that allows us to "do the right thing" in circumstances where we might be sorely tempted to "do the wrong thng".

I'd suggest that in some people whose minds have developed under a particular religious or other ethical framework, that there would exist a set of beliefs that would likely be applied in these situations. To the extent that these identity beliefs are internalized they would be a source of potentially strong emotional forces to the behavior decision mechanism - that could possibly overcome the opposing emotions urging the wrong choice.

I suspect that the experience of this process, this very real struggle of strong emotions urging opposite behaviors - is what some recognize as free-will - at least in those cases where the right choice was made. I further suspect this view of free-will would be especially useful for those who prefer to believe in some essential human spiritual nature, such as religious believers.

In this sense, my view not only allows a framework for intellect, but for religious or other ethical beliefs to come to bear on the behavior decision process - by way of the emotions based on the expected consequences of that behavior they induce.

Again, I fail to see the reason for your strong negative views of this process.


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