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Default Working with "normal" subjects...

Hello all. Dr. Erickson recommended "working with normal subjects in order to learn more fully how to develop and utilize the various hypnotic phenomenon." Well, I happen to be at a slow time in my career (am early in the process of getting on insurance panels, in the meantime, taking fewer Medicaid referrals from the agency with whom I contract) and would like to use the time for that purpose.

What are your thoughts about this practice? What ways/resources have folks found more useful in developing these skills? (I have been studying with an ASCH approved consultant for 1 year and am in the seeking other teachers/mentors who can be more helpful on the development of specific skills in developing and utilizing trance phenomenon.)

In terms of where to find these folks, Dr. Erickson recommended the local university's psych department. Any other ideas about where to find subjects?

What ways have you found more helpful in promoting the experimental work?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and consideration.

Jim Stephens
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