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Default Re: The challenge—intellectual honesty

MM: Wow, a second post wherein you did not directly call me immoral. However, you have posed a question in a way that if you don't get the answer you want then you have implied that I would be "intellectually dishonest". Do you really think I'll answer that?
You just did Margaret. Thanks. (And again your words reveal more about you than perhaps you realize.)

And once again, bravo to TomJ, apparently the only atheist here with the intellectual honesty and consistency (balls) to recognize and acknowledge the inevitable implication of atheism and lack of free will—that in such a world, no one is truly morally responsible in any meaningful sense for their behavior.

BTW Margaret, has it ever occurred to you that it’s always you, or others—and not me—that bring up this “God” fellow? Some sort of projection, or just paranoia?

Hugs and kisses,

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