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Default Re: Sexual Abuse and Nonepileptic Seizures

Originally Posted by George Neeson
I see no relationship between sexual abuse and epilepsy except where the abuse has been of such severity that anoxic brain injury has occurred.[/u][/i][/b] Perhaps I am a little clearer now.
Observed seizures can be both Epileptic and Non-epileptic. All the literature shows that. People with Non-epileptic seizures have then when people are not around to observe them, during the day, not always at night.

There is still no clear evidence to me that suggests that there is a absolute difference between Epilepsy and Psychogenic Seizures. I personally beleive ALL seizure disorders of an unknown nature (no physical damage, infections, etc.) are due to traumatic events. If you do any research at all you will see many studies that show sexual abuse and Epilesy connections. They often claim however that if it is "psychological" in nature than it is not Epilepsy. This is riduculous. We don't know the cause of the majority of cases of Epilepsy so how can we say we know that trauma can only cause "Non" Epileptic seizures. Bottom line - Epilepsy is caused by trauma in most cases. And of course even if the neurologists disagree on this, the symptoms (seizures) are identical in their severity.

I have been researching seizures for 15 years. I don't expect those who don't have them themselves or live with someone who does to know much about the "true" nature of them.

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