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Default Re: Figures of Interest/Writing for Gestalt!

Hi Victor,
Glad to have the chance to talk with you about these things in front of everyone (as it were!). We have written personally, back channel, and at Gstalt-L, and now here. Seems fitting.

I agree that the "Works in Progress" department needs to be identified as such. I also agree that we need to ensure that the contents of Gestalt! remains significant. As a reflection on that, I am currently reading a feature article set for a coming issue at Gestalt Review, and I will be responding to it in the same issue; what I noted was that the author used two sources from Gestalt! in her references. I know that students use Gestalt! in preparing their papers, because I've tracked the activity there, which correlates highly to when students are in school, and even when the internet was young, during the AAGT conference in Cleveland, one attendee told me that she uses the internet constantly for literature searches.

In the new working relationships Gestalt! has with the hard copy journals we are truly interested in supporting one another rather than in competing with one another. Yet, that support will not dilute our relative distinctives. Both Edwin Nevis, of GISC, and Joe Melnick, of Gestalt Review, stated that Gestalt! reaches people they cannot reach. I believe that too. I hope that as the eJournal matures, it can provide increasing service reflective of the interactive nature of the World Wide Web. As I see it, one next step in that direction can be to help nurture and support new authors, or even established authors who want to utilize a feedback feature with which to help them "think through" their subject and to locate the blind spots they have to it as it develops. As I've stated, I think this might also help the journals. I guess we shall see, as it really constitutes an experiment, doesn't it?

Warm Regards, and with appreciation for all you do at Gestalt!,
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