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Arrow Re: Thomas Sowell: Intellectuals & Society

The version posted on Amazon and at

Bottom Lines about Intellectuals and Society
“…a society can survive a certain amount of forces of disintegration within it. But that is very different from saying that there is no limit to the amount, audacity and ferocity of those disintegrative forces which a society can survive without at least the will to resist.” 317.

I have several hundred books and really needed only one – Intellectuals and Society – but I needed it for the last ten years!

Sowell finds the split in human culture and exposes intellectuals as pompous, perpetual, public, mutual masturbators. (We usually know them as social scientists, journalists, movie-makers, and liberal Dems. Captive squirrel monkeys do similar things.) And Sowell’s best kicks and punches are in his two chapters on war and in his final J’Accuse….three pages of charges against the rulers who steal from us and want us helpless while tigers hunt in the night. Make a poster!

Our culture has a “will to resist” - perhaps the gift from a rowdy Scot, a gene that wriggled down his kilt, out some jail in the highlands, and into the women of our South and Middle America. My own bent is for diners, waitresses, motorcycles, and doing what I want to do. This oppositional, impulsive streak was a gift and curse from my hyperactive Polish mother. It was also a gift from nature and whatever God may be: every living creature makes a world consistent with its personal nature. Thus, it’s fine that I hate libs and their hives and enjoy the comradeship that I find with Tom Sowell and his allies.

Spain and Arabia meet again but in North America and do to us what we once did to ignoble savages who already battled each other, killed game, raped women from the next tribe, and smoked weeds! Our modern lib customs beckon invaders from Central America and the Mideast. Obviously, Madonna needs a burka and a strong man!
Thank you, Dr. Sowell…
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