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Red face Need some posts!

I know you're out there; I can hear you breathing (or at least I see evidence of lots of people reading posts). Problem is, no one is posting. How interesting is that? How about a few comments from some of you counselors, psychiatrists, therapists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, and trainees in the mental health professions?

Not that you have to post on my choices of topics, but I have been particularly involved lately with patients, colleagues, & forensic cases in areas related to the following: clinicians who must testify in court about their patients, suicide assessment and risk, therapist-patient boundaries, assessing emotional damage after various kinds of trauma (accidents, rape, head injury), practical limitations on inpatient care, employer (e.g., clinic or hospital) responsibility for clinician behavior, treatment of prison inmates, and mental patients' responsibility for their actions (e.g., contracts they have signed, participation in relationships, killings). Do those (or other topics at the interface of clinical work and law or ethics) pique anyone's interest? I could use the help.

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