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Default Re: Question Regarding Practical Magic

John, I don't consider myself a practitioner of NLP. For example, the mechanistic aspect of the approach seems to allow some to overlook the intuitive and 'humane' logic of simply helping someone relax and feel safe before attempting a 'protocol'.

Your question about the accessing cues for auditory digital processing in the case you mentioned may be a matter of the listener repeating your words prior to attempting an answer and prior to retrieving personal historical material.

As for having any 'positive' experiences or 'safe' experiences in one's life...everyone that made it to your office has some or they'd probably be dead by now. They simply don't/didn't code and store their experiences as safe, comfortable, fun, love, joy, happy, etc., over the years. I often help clients learn to collect positive feelings and label them 'big' (like a smile is 'love') and ignore or diminish negative experience. We all need to form new habits about that and practice doing it. If we only collect large negative experiences then that's what we will bump into when we do a mental search. We get that way from our response to parenting. It's up to us to change it.

As for collapsing anchors when someone is already upset....what's your hurry? Another 10 min or another 10 days will hardly matter if they have had the image(s) for years anyway. Take some time, change the topic, get them talking about what they do well (even if what they do well is flub things up). When they have initiated such a mind set, then go back to the work at hand.
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