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Default Re: ISHMO's Myths & Realities of Online Clinical Work

Hi JustBen,
In response to the comments you made regarding John Sulers input, I would like to add the following:

These aren't specific attacks, just people prowling around looking for weaknesses that they can exploit to get at whatever information you might have stored

So, then you are agreeing with John that the online security threat is no greater. (I guess there is very little evidence to support this either way)!

Text cannot convey non-verbal messages, and it almost never conveys unintentional messages,

On what was this assertion based? (See smilies)

(these images are based on the keyboard/keypad and are commonly used in text).
There is a widely known ettiquette or nettiquette regarding the use of text, which most people use automatically, LIKE SHOUTING! (ask any young person)

Practitioners who have undertaken quality and adequate training, (or indeed, like John Suler who are pioneers in online mental health) will know this and can pick up messages from a clients text in the way you might from a facial expression, say.

I see the words that you write indicate you are not an opponent of online clinical work, however, it would appear you do not see this form of therapy as being 'proper' in someway as it deviates from all the training and experience you have in the field and at this time maybe you are not willing to accept that 'real' counselling can occur online, in 'real time' and even with a visual connection.
(OK so the visual connection is still not as sharp and precise as it might be - but technology improves daily)!

Have a good day.
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