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Default Re: needing advice on private practice

I don't understand why anyone these days would want to get into private practice. To cater to wealthy people? The profession is a dying one, there is a glut of idealistic therapists out there competing for dwindling client base, unless you are willing to charge 30 or 40 bucks an hour and put up with slow pay and missed appointments, which I doubt, there are much easier ways in this world to make money. The money you would make would barely pay for your overhead for an office rented or owned. The folks who truly need therapy can't afford to pay out of pocket and you can do the most good by working for a social service agency.

If you have a steady paycheck, I'd not mess with it.

The fact that you only got one answer in months is testament to this, because ten years ago this was an extremely active forum and now it is nearly dead, hardly any posts at all, that in itself should tell you something right there. Sorry to shatter your illusions, but with cable, the internet, talk show shrinks, the profession is becoming ruined, a joke.
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