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Default needing advice on private practice

I am a LPCC with 8 years clinical experience and 2 years supervisor experience and I'm ready to move my profession to the next level.

I have wanted to get into private practice since I graduated and now I feel I have the licensure and experience to do so. I have several psychiatrists in the area that I know from working emergency services that I believe would be wiling to give me referrals, and I have other ideas for source of referrals as well. But I would be starting from scratch.

Outright quitting my job is too big a risk to take, and cutting back to less than 40 hours means I lose health insurance benefits. I have considered trying to start off p.p. part time, perhaps forming a time limited therapy group with an already established practice, and I do have a tentaitve offer, except the problem is it is with the wife of my doctor, and he's an excellent doctor and I don't want to go anywhere else but I also see this as potentially a dual relationship, just feels a little too enmeshed.

Another option might be to rent an office part time after hours and see if I could get a practice started that way. I am encouraged by the private practicers that I've talked to so far, the impression I get is that there is no shortage of clients, though it can run hot and cold, and that overall it is a very family friendly way to work, and I am in the adoption process.

My brother, who is a master at starting businesses, suggests that I have a year's worth of income saved up, and while I have a small savings going, it's about a month's worth of income.

I also thought of putting together a training, or maybe a couple on different subjects and went to the universary library tonight to research my topic ideas, b ut came up with very little that pertained closely to my chosen topic.

I would appreciate any ideas, suggestions, sharing of expereinces in getting into private practice or creating workshops for ceu's. How long did it take you to get it off the ground? Advantages/disadvantages over agency work?

Thanks in advance
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