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Default Re: Headache as symptom of anxiety

Thanks so much! I'll check that article out.

interestingly, in the next session, the client mentioned in passing that he's started using a ventalin inhaler... I asked him more about that and realized that he was trying to "fight" the feeling of shortness of breath. I explained to him that, the fact that he was feeling better only 5 mins or so after using it, in and of itself, shows that the medication was not what was making him feel better - it was the anxiety passing (as an asthmatic myself I know that those things either work pretty intantaneously or not at all...) - i explained how this was a prime example of NOT practicing acceptance. this really hit home for him and he told me that he's finally understanding what I'm talking about (the metaphor with the flu was very helpful as well).
thanks again so much!!
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