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Default Re: Abuse of counseling by sherrif

Actually, yes there are quite a few treatment situations where an authority sets the goal - and the person receiving the "help" has little input in the matter.

12 step groups make use of the "denial" concept to an almost extreme degree, and a person can be court ordered to participate in the treatment.

Certain anger management classes - especially the court ordered ones - make use of the denial concept.

Counseling for sexual criminals certainly sets up goals for the criminals that they might not agree with.

People who are mentally delayed are often given plans on what they will be working on together with their helpers without the person having much input in the matter.

Minors are also of course sometimes subject to counseling where they do not have any input as to the goal of the counseling. Especially violent minors, minors who engage in criminal behavior - or minors who are at risk of becoming criminal.

I can mention other instances - but this should give a good idea.

Again - whether or not the specific situation you talk about is ethical or not I would have no way of knowing. As my first response showed I find the whole denial concept a troublesome one. Not because there isnt good reasons for it. There are people with terrible problems who are in denial, and need help as fast as possible. But its such a catch 22, interestingly I happen to know of several very destructive cults that make use of the same concept to coerce members towards a goal they desire.

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