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Default In need of some advice...

Good day, members of this forum. I am a new member, as of several minutes ago, having just discovered the site and found myself (an aspiring graduate student) interested in the subject matter, and then decided to ask a question of the people here... I am uncertain of the answer, I am embarrassed to admit.

I am trying to find the words to define a behavior I see someone I have known for a significant period of time undertaking - she is the parent of a (significantly) disabled child, and for most of her life has been 'taken care of' / 'enabled' by the people around her. She is now over fourty, and still is refusing to take care of herself.

Is there a (specific) term for such behavior, and if so, what is it, and can anyone here suggest any research I might do to further my understanding of the woman's actions?

The thanks of a new member.
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