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Lightbulb Re: More Than Greed?

I am concerned that our economic institutions, lacking checks and balances other than "success", foster unbridled egocentricity. Thus it is probable that people seeking unbridled authority (which they may feel wealth grants), may seek to take undue and unfair privilege in our free market economy. We should not be surprised to see this happening from an Adlerian perspective. The real issue is to attempt to find a means of redeeming this very successful means of advancing productivity and human well being, while identifying those who are unduly exploiting their own self interest, or that of the corporate structure. The underlying principles of this system have produced a period of remarkable advancement for humanity. It is no surprise to see some individuals or groups within this movement making their own self interest the principal goal. Corporations must also address the "self-other" task. So the question, which is of extreme complexity becomes, how do we as mankind, identify corporations (or for that matter countries), that address their own self interest at such a level as to create unacceptable detriment to humanity? Then having identified these groups (if this can be done), what methodologies are available to deter these behaviours while still respecting reasonable individual freedom? Surely what needs to be changed is not the symptom of egocentricity, but rather its source. It is interesting that many great world religions (even north American Indian!) try to address this issue. It seems that what needs to be addressed is the wrong mindedness of individuals. If we could promote the teaching of Adler or even that of the "Great Spirit" of the plains Indian peoples, and have people look inward before outward, the issue of corporate greed and wrong mindedness could be addressed. However it must start within my self and your self also. Sadly, I have only small hope that this can occur.
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