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Default Welcome to the Forum

Welcome to the BOL Forum on Gestalt Therapy

Welcome to the Behavior OnLine Forum on Gestalt Therapy! This Forum provides an opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics on the theory and practice of gestalt therapy. A particular emphasis of mine is the application of the gestalt approach within public mental health and the integration and dialogue between gestalt therapy and other therapeutic approaches. However my job here is to facilitate and stimulate discussion on gestalt therapy across as wide an area as you decide - and as gestaltists know, the Field can stretch a long, long way.

This forum is open to all who have an interest in gestalt therapy, from experienced international trainers and authors, to the tentatively inquiring students who might ask "Ah... just what is gestalt therapy anyway?"

I personally hope this forum can be of use in opening gestalt therapy to a wider audience of mental health and behavioural science practitioners and in the process invigorate and challenge the more experienced gestaltists who visit here.

I am glad you found your way here and I look forward to our discussion. I would suggest you please start a new thread rather than simply replying to this message.

Brian O'Neill


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