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Default Re: Closing alternate eyes relieves my anxiety completely

Most curious.

There are some people doing a bilateral eye-opening procedure using special glasses that cover up, as I recall, a half of each eye's visual field at a time, to adjust for the fact that the optical nerves cross over at the optic chiasma. It isn't EMDR, and it isn't exactly what you are doing.

One can only wonder at mechanisms of action.

As usual I'm not relating this to you, but tossing some general thoughts out. For many people, surely not all, high anxiety seems related to very early attachment/trust issues; high social anxiety can begin anytime a child gets shamed or humiliated, or feels one's humanity is unseen. One can feel unheld, unprotected, invisible, and/or in danger.

Unresolved early experience, including that which is preverbal and outside explicit memory, may be held in the right hemisphere according to some. The left hemisphere does its best to make logical sense of the world, but there may be an imbalance between the two, a holding away of emotional material, that can cause anxiety.

EMDR postulates that rebalancing the hemispheres MAY be a mechanism of action in its effect.
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