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Default Re: Introjected perps

It is going to take me awhile to grasp of of this. Unfortunately, I think that I "know" much of this already. It is just hard to digest in words. I am grateful that you have taken the time to answer my questions. I will have more questions after I have had time to think about it. The one I think is the introject is, as you said,, separate from the others. She has no pity, no feelings at all for any of the others. She knows there are others but they are nothing to her. She is the ultimate authority and they have no choice but to do whatever she wants to do..

I am very discouraged Sandra, but I don't have much choice but to keep working at it. I need to learn to connect with my inner kids and have to learn to take care of them but I feel nothing at all. I can't work much on my ddnos or EMDR at all until I can connect with them. I can logically look at them and know what happened and what a normal human reaction would be, but it isn't there for me.
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