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Default Re: Evolved Psychology - Brain Region Tied to Regret Identified

Carey: I mean unknowns . . . thank you for pointing this out . . . the unknowns together look like random noise from our perspective, but in principle they are quantifiable things, like sensory error. And again, in our models, this apparent noise is approximated with stochastic variables.
Sure Carey—seems that we now actually do more or less agree here, although I suppose I’m a bit disappointed b/c now the discussion may not deteriorate to a point that’ll enable me to utilize one of my sophisticated "circle-jerk" criticisms.”

Carey: When you break wind, Fred, does the room smell like: a) cinnamon rolls b) cotton candy c) depleted uranium d) all of the above.
Let me put it this way: The disgust engendered by such a smell is dwarfed by the disgust engendered by Tom’s proclamation that mass murderers are not morally responsible, regardless of whatever “nuance” one places on “morally responsible.” (Perhaps Tom’s disgust module is not functioning properly? And interestingly, if you watch and listen closely enough to Margaret’s circular drivel, her ultimate point also is that we humans aren’t truly morally responsible in any meaningful way.)
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