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Oh Thanks, I forgot I posted here.

I don't think that the bilateral stim is used directionless. I did notice that in sessions that were only about ego-state work, perhaps 2 hours after a session, I would eventually react to the work and often have a switch that was hard to deal with. Using the bilateral stim (hand zappers), with guidance, tended to ground me a little more. It was also subtle-y helpful for ego-strengthening and getting a little bit of non-violent dialogue between parts started.

I would dissociate to a specific part using the light box, and then all bets were off about doing any helpful work at all, and the aftermath was pretty wild. So I think we only tried that a couple of times and stopped when I finally told the therapist what was going on behind the scenes and after session.

Working with parts takes a long time and I wish I could get it together to do a full on protocol, but I think it will take a while, if ever.
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