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Default Re: emdr:nothing's happening

Although I know nothing about your case and therefore have nothing to say that applies specifically to your situation, I can say this, in general. Therapists should not use the standard protocol on highly dissociative clients. The standard protocol is about lighting up the neuro-network, which is akin to applying the accelerator. Dissociative clients more typically need ego state work first and then fractionated EMDRs, which is rather like applying the brakes.

What should never ever happen, is for bilateral stim to be used in a directionless way, in hopes of thinning dissociative barriers in the absence of an appropriate focused stepwise protocol includnig on-point ego state work. To use bilateral stim in a global and diffuse way wiht a dissociative client is unwise ....That would be like removing the option of applying brakes, in order to hope to coast downhill. It sounds like a good idea at the beginning.
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