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We have tried some other methods, and she has consulted with a couple of people, especially after attending the EMDR conference last year which had a number of sessions on dissociation.

I think sometimes I am just very stubborn. Mostly I think she is cautious as I tend to not process anything in session (EMDR or just talking) and then, after sitting on it for a few hours or more, have a major freakout. The majority of my stuff is early CSA, neglect, and avoidant-attachment.

I find it very difficult to take a snippet of a visual flashback, and answer questions about it concerning 'where I feel it in my body' or 'on a scale of 1-10...) when I am not feeling anything, and the only disturbing thing is that I have thought of this image, yet can't make heads or tails if its real or not, no matter how many times it comes up. Add a few ego-states to that and usually one just blows the whole thing off. So I end up back at safe places, and trying to get communication happening.

Didn't mean to hijack the thread. Sorry
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