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Default ABS/BLS/DAS evidence

Recently I had a client challenge me to provide evidence that bilateral stimulation provides anything other than access to a trance state induced by the placebo effect. I realized, when challenged, that I honestly had no evidence. This is a bit concerning for me! Not that I deny EMDR is helpful. I've seen it help the vast majority of my clients in ways they didn't think were possible. The stuff really works. But when I look online it seems that a vast hole in the research exists in terms of proving that alternating bilateral stimulation affects outcome one way or the other. I am trained in hypnosis, and it makes complete sense to me that if I set up expectation that some rather bizarre activity will provide access to an altered state, and the client buys in, then said bizarre activity will provide access to that particular altered state. But as important as it is for me to help clients heal, it is also important to me that I be honest with them. I feel like a bit of a snake oil salesman if I tell them that this funny little machine I have actually does something neurologically if I cannot back that up with evidence. Anyone know something I don't on this topic? If someone could point me in the direction of a study that addresses this issue I'd appreciate it.
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