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Default Re: In-Roads to Online Therapy

I hear what your saying JustBen about people that may be isolated or due to geographical location has limited resources to seek out f2f contact with a therapist. However, my argument isn't that advice shouldn't be available, only that treatment should not be delivered in this medium. If someone were to break a leg while hiking, we may try to support the damaged limb until full medical help is available, we do not suggest that anything beyond first aid is offered unless the situation is life threatening and it's the only way left to save that life. Equally if someone is psychotic, it is most likely to be a friend,neighbour or family member that would ask for help, and here advice should be given, not therapy by proxy. For neurosis, those people seeking help if they are unable to get to a suitable resource, then help should be made available to get the help to them.

I have lived in various parts of the world, and I have no problem imagining scenarios where none of the above would work, the outback of Australia, some of the more isolated regions within the USA, and other parts of the world may have real problems finding on sight or suitable help. However, there are times when we need to recognise the limitations of our profession, we can not be all things to all men. And instructions over a wire, whether that be from a professional or friend, remains advice, it is not a therapy, though I'm certain some won't see it this way.

I would suggest, that to say anything is better than nothing simply does not apply here. If anything will do they may be just as well off talking to a pet, a tree or their car, if simply talking was enough then the advice should be get the words out. Beyond that, how can the user know they are getting educated and informed advice if it is online?

P.S Your right, the term User really leaves me cold, can't imagine who thought it was a good idea, frankly I don't use it myself unless I'm talking about an addict and even then it's only in certain contexts
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