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Default Re: What exactly is Christian Counseling

In this situation, it might be easy to fail to recognize the concept of a counselor practicing bad therapy rather than a counselor practicing Christian counseling since you are not familiar with Christian counseling in general. Some Christian counselors suck and many mainstream counselors suck. THis might not be surprising in the sense that some engineers suck or some lawyers suck. I am sorry you had a bad experience with this person. My understanding is that Christian counselors might be willing to discuss what the Bible says about a person's problems but usually only after a person identifies themselves as a Christian. In my experience, the bulk of a Christian counselor's business comes from other Christians. Many Christians want to go to a Christian counselor because they do not want to be judged for their beliefs. After all, many people view all Christians as right wing fundamentalists. So if a client states that he wants to get a divorce, the counselor might discuss this idea against the person's faith. Whereas the typcial therapsit might not even think to ask about how that decision meshes with a person's faith. Also, we are forgetting about informed consent. If in the informed consent paperwork, the therpaist describes how he would be willing to pray with the client or discuss decisions against the bibile or disucss the person's faith then it does clear the way to talka bout these subjects. Of course, if the person says to stop then the therpaist needs to stop. Bascially, through informed consent, the client can decide if they want to work with this type of therapist. Now of course I realize that you can not put anything you want in the informed consent paperwork such as "I do dual realtionships." However, the therapsit can explain where they come from in terms of a frame of reference.

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