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Unread July 18th, 2004, 12:45 AM
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Hey Dr. Reid,

On a related note I kept wondering during the court case against that Texan woman who drowned her children during a psychotic episode a couple of years back.

When it came out in the media that she had been really unstable before the episode and under a psychiatrists care I wondered what if any responsibilities the doctor had. How on earth could the doctor have missed how bad off this woman was?

Things I wondered about included:

Did the doctor(s) know the real shape of this woman? Had they asked her if she heard voices, and if yes what the voices said?

Had they asked her if she wanted to hurt herself or anyone else?

Had they discussed plans with her if she did become suicidal / homicidal?

If they had NOT discussed this with her why on earth not?

If they did discuss it with her what failed in their supervision and or preparation for taking care of this woman and her family?

What would be the level of responsibility for the doctors in this situation?

Warm regards
Da Friendly Puter Tech
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